2019, December
Fictive brand

Puer Parasitus is an artistic research by Sofi Winthe Foge established in Copenhagen, Denmark 2019. PUER PARASITUS investigates art through fashion and explores contemporary thematics related to parenthood, parasitical tendencies and the maternal bond

Logo by Eliott Déchamboux Florey

Night lick, pours light

milk cries, eyes leak

late ache, leaves stains

wet-white, big rash and has the guts to bite

Unleashed at noon our Thief firstborn

A little sucker or a blessed wound

Out of larval into navel,

Sweetest proof of pain rerouted

squats intestines, robs your organs,

eats your heart out, asks for more

No regrets to have had one in the oven,

You, nursing smoked envy cursed future

please send more contagious nobodies

handing over rage and rebirth

limbs lumps slip into something

claims it was an inside job

Ocean Mother leaks like milk froth sea foam

milf forms creams and cries for warm gulf currents

she goes hot pink swollen, here here, spills sap seeps sweat

good saliva laced with dirt, wraps the suckling in her sigh

pops an ice pack in her panties, Vicky’s secret, raising hell

in Angel’s socks

To chest-fed guests and other leeches she extends

her lukewarmest welcome

Not here to argue but here to rearrange

the cell the act the deep domestics

To her who carries one and many

under this dying sun,

tricks up sleeve and open mouth to thaw

Our host and heroine

To those who sync in womb:

those you incubate to overthrow

Our part-poser post-partum

licks a bruise and minds her own

To the rat the kidult the forever parasite

peephole siphons growth bouillon

Eternal appetite dyes the season

Rising but actually it’s about time

To real beginnings or wet escapes

Our chaperon puts a gloved finger

Against the day and to her lips

Swamp femmes gear up, you tongue-tied the knot with a traitor (good credentials and a little bit assertive). No need to feel deceived, many others did the same. Only fools won’t see them thrive but this rotten place was lost to those who bite off chew hard spit lies and beg for juices sucked from deep within. That being said, you cradle what consumes, you feed what spreads to overrule and yet this will be the tool with which you undermine. Long days ahead, said with a yawn, but the keys lie safe in slim inner pockets.

Their manifesto clearly states:

Worn-out for warmer seasons

Deadstock turncoats

Kidult cuts

Crew necks

Dirt gowns

Two tone


Thigh high

Bloated midriff


Manifest by Annie Åkerman