(Don’t) make objects great again
Berlin, Bunker Wiensowski & Harbord
2017, July 
Photography, assemblage
Digital print on mdf, mirror, chrome tubes, clothes, shoes
Print 160cm*60, mirror 160cm*6

Dear Dia-ré, /ˈdaɪəәri/

Guess what:

A thin metal coat, often amalgam, on a piece of glass which reflects a ‘clear’ image

Maybe ‘clear’ is the new ‘translucent’

What is: mirror, the ultimate and most immediate tool for imitation

     Perceptional lotion and mental make up

The act of imitation,

We often look at things, knowing or assuming what we see because we have seen it thousands of times before.

This work: How can we trust our perception (when looking and assuming) and still remain critical? 

It’s a curse to be positive.