Aspiring role model nexus
2019, July
Various dimensions
First jewelry collection on sale ‘PURE’ €25 per wall piece limited edition only, metal tubes, plaster masks, breastmilk storage bags, metal armor, marathon rucksack, extensions, millenium kids toys, vintage rubber, receipt, baby bike seat windbreaker                           

A non-linear portrait of a mother in various states of mind. She think of her self as a protector who would do anything for her cub. Surrounded by an amour of objects with sentimental value she is inheriting a new role in life. Her DNA is submissive yet aggressive and she moves forward in the best intention. Intimidating, maybe. Dangerous, yes. Careful, yes. Overprotective, maybe- Motherhood is an opaque almost transparent layer; a transformational strength as well as our softest spot. Shout out, riot, fight the stigma.

All pictures by Leontína Berková


Title: Grey Gardens

A painting
A persona
A mother
A nother
A self portrait   Designed to earn money


New York is in Randers

A mother left to mother


Stranger than the other
Dobbeltgänger extended
Fear yourself
Jacta est alea


Title: a dogs tale

submissive DNA culture
no scrubs
the scent of shampoo, rocks, ghetto and acai
a vast celebration
a past celebration

DNA boy
DNA girl
DNA dog

a loner walks in the park
with no gear
hash and hair
tristan texting isolde
romantic scrub
the knight is near
raise your sword
whip your tail
domestic legacy takes it all
rewind, rewind, rewind
motherload is barking